Modern medicine offers several methods of treating varicose veins. Still the most widely used method of healing that is practiced in most of the surgical clinics in Croatia, is the classic surgical treatment. From a long term perspective, it is a method that gives excellent results compared to all other methods.

Disadvantages of conventional surgical treatment are primarily the prolonged post-operative recovery. In developed countries, over the past few years, the classic surgical treatment has been largely replaced by treatment with radio frequency waves and laser. Results of such treatment are comparable to the results of traditional surgical treatment, in which the procedure is less invasive, and the recovery is faster.

As an alternative to conventional surgical treatment and treatment with radio frequency waves and a laser, sclerotherapy has been increasingly used. By this, we mean foam sclerotherapy, which gives excellent results if the diagnosis is made properly.Unfortunately, the relatively simple technique of foam sclerotherapy did not result in a wide application of this method of treatment.

On one hand, untrained and unprofessional people started performing sclerotherapy; on the other, sclerotherapy began to be applied in cases which were not medically prescribed. Applying the principles of evidence-based medicine, on the basis of all current knowledge about treating veins, in 2011 the Society for Vascular Surgery and the American Venous Forum, published “The recommendations on the treatment of varicose veins”.

Thus, for the treatment of telangiectasia, reticular veins, and varicose veins, sclerotherapy is recommended by using liquid or foam, while the treatment of insufficiency of magnasaphenous vein (VSM) saphenous vein parva (VSP), thermal (radiofrequency or laser) ablation isrecommended. In such cases, sclerotherapy can be a complementary treatment to be made in a way that after the thermal ablation of veins,the remainingvaricose veins are treated by sclerotheraphy. Compression therapy is recommended after completion of thermal ablation and / or sclerotherapy.