Rejuvenation treatment with your own blood or PRP therapy for stem cells

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma or Plasma Enriched Platelet Therapy is a treatment that has long been used in medicine and rehabilitation, and is increasingly used in the field of aesthetic medicine because it gives excellent results in rejuvenating facial, neck, neckline, fingers, hair loss, scar removal acne and hyperpigmentation. This is a natural treatment where the patient’s own blood is separated from plasmas enriched with platelets that contain high growth factor concentrations.

These growth factors stimulate stem cells to restore the old and create new collagen and blood vessels, restore damaged skin, restore lost volume, correct wrinkles, and slow down aging.

The first results are seen 3-4 weeks after treatment because it takes some time for natural renewal processes to take place. After that month, the results are getting better. For optimal results it is recommended to repeat the treatment after 6 months and then renew it every two to three years depending on the quality and damage of the skin and the patient’s life habits.

The recovery is short-lived and the patient can immediately continue with the daily activities.