Josipa Todorić,

//Josipa Todorić,
Josipa Todorić,
Josipa Todorić

Josipa Todorić was born in 1980 in Split. She graduated primary and secondary school in Imotski and enrolled in the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb, where she graduated in 2006.

After her trained internship and passed her professional exam, she hired herself in the profession and gained her experience working in renowned private clinics in Zagreb. Since January 2014, he joined the Premium Dent expert team.

She continues professional training continues at numerous domestic and foreign courses and congresses. Her knowledge focuses on the area of periodontology, preventive and restorative dentistry. Further education continues by enrolling Postgraduate Specialist Study, which finished in 2013 with defending postgraduate specialist work titled Noninvasive Therapy of Hard Tooth Tissues.

Since 2014 specializes in periodontology at the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Zagreb.