ORTHODONTICS (Greek orthos = correct, perfect, odontos = tooth) is a dental specialist branch of medicine that studies the growth and development of the jaws, teeth and orofacial region as a whole. It also studies developmental disorders and possible causes of irregularities, and treatment of irregularities.

Orthodontics includes the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of malocclusion (irregularity of position and connection of teeth). Orthodontic treatment is not only important for a beautiful smile, even though a beautiful and healthy smile is of vital importance in contemporary society and is indicative of a person’s confidence, but also for the welfare of the whole dental system. Irregular positioning of the teeth or the incorrect relation between the teeth and jaws can lead to problems with the joints and muscles of mastication. The uneven distribution of masticatory elements leads to uneven teeth wear and damage of the entire paradonta (bones, gums, and ligaments). Huddled teeth make cleaning difficult and are essentially conducive to caries and periodontal disease.