Caries (cavity), tooth trauma, deep fillings, etc., cause inflammation of the tooth nerve, which often causes severe pain. Sometimes, due to slowly progressive infection, people do not feel the pain immediately.

Through the root canals bacteria penetrate into the bone, causing inflammation (abscess or granuloma).

When such a situation is detected, we undertake x-rays. In these circumstances an endodontic treatment that prevents the spread of infection is required. Any further treatment (fillings, crowns) can not be properly performed if root canal therapy is not properly completed, that is, if it is not done according with the requirements of the profession. Therefore any endodontic treatment has to be checked by x-ray image.

Such a procedure requires working in a sterile environment. Inflamed tissue has to be removed by using sterile instruments. Infected channels have to be rinsed using liquid for disinfecting root canals, dried and filled with bioinert material.