The production of ceramic tiles requires perfect precision at every stage, but it gives us the finest aesthetic results. Our goal is to find a way to a perfect smile through minimal invasive procedures.

It is difficult to laugh if the teeth are damaged, irregular or different colors. In such cases, the best solution is often chosen for ceramic flakes or veneers.
Cuttings are thin ceramic leaflets placed on the tooth surfaces ensuring a natural feeling and appearance. They allow us to change the shape, color, length and width of the teeth as much as needed and are one of our best ways to improve your smile.

Adaptable and sturdy crayons are used for various improvements in smile and appearance at all, from a complete resident smile to repairs of broken or slightly damaged teeth.

Depending on what has caused an unlikely tooth appearance with ceramic flakes, we can solve virtually all aesthetic problems, such as: change of teeth color due to endodontic treatment of large fillings, age or tetracycline dyeing, smaller dentition and less orthodontic irregularities.

Due to the maximum savings of healthy dental tissue, flakes have now become an alternative to metal-ceramic and fully ceramic crowns.