Inlay is a one-piece intracoronary prosthetic work made from ceramics. Sides in the clinical crown of the tooth by compensating the occlusal, occlusive and cervical or proximal part of the tooth. In order to make up the inadequate part of the missing teeth, it is necessary to make the preparation that meets certain requirements.

Onlay is developed from inlay, it is made of the same materials, and it differs in that, apart from the intracoronary part, is also replaced by a part of the grizzly surface with one or more nodules, and is both spatially and superficially larger than inlay (9). Overlay differs from inlay and onlay by replacing all nodules, with the intracoronary part.

In our polyclinic of ceramic Inlaye, Overlaye, Scales and Single Crowns we work with the most modern computer technology known as CAD / CAM technology.

The advantages of this method are:

  • Precise design with CAD / CAM
  • Without taking the print
  • Inlay, Onlay finished in an hour
  • Superior aesthetics and function
  • Strength of replacement
  • Reduced cracks
  • Safer replacement of the large part of the tooth without the need for reinforcement with the intraradular collar
  • Compared to the classic fills, their lifespan is much more durable