Aesthetic surgery that removes excess skin and fatty tissue from the abdomen is called abdominoplasty or lipectomy, and in the English version it is still a “tummy tuck”.

The aforementioned problem usually occurs after pregnancy and childbirth, and after significant weight loss in women and men of younger or middle age. Excessive skin abdominal can not be solved by physical exercise or various cosmetic treatments, and in most cases even liposuction removing only fatty tissue deposits. It is applied to different parts of the body, starting from the face and the back to the thighs and upper arms. And in normal body weight individuals with constitutional (genetic) condition of skin in the abdominal area that does not quantitatively significant but definitely damages a good figure, abdominoplasty is applied.

Postoperative recovery is indivudual and in most cases takes about two weeks, after which the patient is capable of gradual return to his private and professional activities. The abdominoplasty results vary depending on the amount of body fat removed and the elasticity of the skin, and the final results are visible after removing the corset.