Augmentation is an aesthetic breast augmentation procedure during which the cut is plated under the breast in the natural groove, around the lower edge of the nipple or below the armpits. Implants filled with silicone gel are placed below the breast tissue or under the muscles depending on which size or shape they want to get. The aesthetic surgeon in cooperation with the patient decides which size, shape and type of implant is best for shaping her body. The operation usually lasts about 2 hours, and one of the possible methods of breast augmentation is to increase it with your own fat cells.

Small and undeveloped breasts as well as uneven breasts as a result of hereditary malformations are now successfully and aesthetically satisfactorily corrected by increasing silicone or some other implants as well as their own fat cells. Thus, the final result of this project is more feminine and oblique (contour) than the more harmonious breasts, ie the whole female figure. The decision on this procedure can be due to the desire of the breast augmentation patient, or in cases of micromuscus (undifferentiated breast) of one or both breasts, empty and relaxed breasts (breast-feeding), post-amputation, asymmetry, transsexuality, and so on .

We guarantee the best results that are fully visible one year after the operation. In order to make the scar after surgery less visible, in the first six months to one year after surgery it is advisable to avoid exposure to sunlight.